Christmas Chicken ~ The Bong Way

Christmas Chicken ~ The Bong Way

Christmas is incomplete without a voluptuous turkey roast or a spicy duck charred o’er charcoal, isn’t it? So, after a lot of requests by my friends who insist I post a fowl recipe (read chicken, also murgi or ram-pakhi, bird of Ram, as bongs would call it), here’s my post dedicated to all poultry lovers of the world.Warning all husbands with an extra funny bone, “Poking fun at wife, ain’t that funny after all, get it?” Although her colleagues loved my boro-diner christmas cake, my wife gave me a cold stare and handed me a prompt notice that I stop directing my dim-witted jokes at her in all my future posts. The obedient husband in me, as most bongs are, had no choice but follow suit. As compensation, I had to share a recipe that is unar mostisco-proshuto (indigenous to her brain).


Omg … the “cold” stare I dread!

Omg … the “cold” stare I dread!


Chicken with Mace and Fennel Paste

 The recipe speaks volumes of my obsession with mouri (fennel), but FULL CREDIT to my wife for contributing.


  • Whole chicken ~ aasto murgi; please do not use boneless chicken, that’s very much un-bong-ly. You may choose medium sized chicken leg-pieces for convenience
  • Salt ~ noon; goes without saying, rub it on the chicken. You’d have by-hearted this process by now
  • Ginger-Onion-Garlic paste ~ ada-peyaj-rosun bata; peel ginger, onions, slice them up nicely and don’t bother to peel tedious garlic pods, just rinse them clean with water and give all of them a nice whirl in your mixer-grinder together. Marinate the chicken with the paste for an hour or so. While the chicken is marinating, sit back and enjoy a bong Christmas carol; here’s link to one:


Hallelujah! In Bong

  • Mace powder ~ joitri or javitri guro; Fennel seed paste ~ mouri-bata
  • Shallots ~ good begun (translates to merry eggplant); I do not who on earth thought of this bong logic of naming shallots as the merrier cousin of eggplant, but this that the experience of chopping them into bite sized pieces isn’t the pleasurable of all, is well-known. So wipe off your tears and chop the shallots merrily
  • Tomato ~ bilati begun (idiom for foreign eggplant); this misnomer still makes sense, assuming the bong lexicographer equated it with the rosy cheeks of his bilati memsahib (Brit lady) who must have become fuley begun (bloated like brinjal) with all the cheese she had for breakfast. Dice your desi tomatoes and keep them ready
  • Green chillies ~ kancha lonka; slit like a bong’s tel-chupchupe chooler majkhane seetay (oiled, and combed hair, parted in two) in the middle
  • Milk ~ doodh; na khele hobe na bhalo chele (don’t drink it, won’t be strong, my boy) as most bong moms would tell their weaklings. You would need two spoonfuls


Heat oil and throw in chilies. Fry the marinated chicken with diced tomato, sliced shallots, mace powder and fennel seed paste until they turn golden brown. Add few cups of warm water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for a while with few drops of milk and half a teaspoon sugar. Check for seasoning, add salt if you will. Uncover lid when the broth reduces and the oil separates from it. Let the spicy aroma out. Tempting, isn’t it?

My fascinating professor, who also happened to be my dissertation guide, was generous enough to be among the firsts to try this recipe at home. Here’s what she had to say,

“the chicken with mouri bata has come out really well though I forgot about the shallots. I did add a number of slit green chillies for some added zing. I faithfully followed all other instructions including adding a tiny bit of sugar and 2 teaspoons of milk at the end. Here’s what it looks like. I am now looking for a few more chicken recipes, at least one for each day of the week…”

Thank you ma’am for your lovely appreciation and letting me post the photo of the dish you prepared.

Mouri Mangsho cooked and clicked by Ma’am

Mouri Mangsho cooked and clicked by Ma’am

P.S. I secretly hope my wife is reading this; and if she does, I’ll beg pardon for all the accolades I might have stolen out of this recipe she claims her own 🙂

Happy X-Mas, to all of you, from me and wifey. Have a nice year ahead…


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  1. omg!! that cold stare is so scary. Thank god your wifey didn’t give that to me yet 🙂
    Milk and sugar in a chicken dish! that’s an unexpected ingredient for me. Have to try that.

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