Hilsha a la Dhaka

Hilsha a la Dhaka

Dear Friends,

I know I have been a long time away (for over months now) from posting on my blog. You can conveniently blame it on my hectic work schedule. With each morsel I savoured of my daily staple of fish and rice, with each bite I chew off  from my patishapta (thin rice wraps filled with desiccated coconut doused in date-palm sugar), I would miss YOU. I yearned to get back to what I am best at: cooking, clicking and posting. It’s pre-monsoon times. With ilish (Hilsa fish) around the corner, I could not resist it any more …

Why Hilsa?

Well, it’s difficult to say. But ask any Bong and he can trade his life for the silver fish, ilish. Strange is the way the fish breeds in the sea and spawns in the rivers, and stranger are the stories and sentiments that surround it:

~ Bongs across borders express their pride in relative superlativity of taste that they would associate with the riverine catch indigenous to either Ganga or Padma

~ Ghotis battle with Bangals pitching their ‘subtle’ kalo jeera diye ilisher jhol (Hilsa cooked with nigella seeds in light gravy) over the rival ‘rich’ sorshe diye ilisher jhal (Hilsa cooked with mustard paste in thick gravy)

~ Yours humbly coaxes adamant wifey to steam Hilsa with lady love, begun (egg-plant) while explaining how using that favourite international vegetable turns the dish into a nuanced delicacy   

The Gopal and Hilsa Fish Story

The Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Story

Strangely enough no one seems to be interested in the Hilsha Fish todayfor the entire hilarious episode read further on  http://ncertbooks.prashanthellina.com/class_7.English.Honeycomb/(3)%20Gopal%20and%20the%20Hilsa%20Fish.pdf Read the rest of this entry